Global Cybersoft Tuyển Dụng Tester, Global Cybersoft Tuyển Dụng Mới Nhất Năm 2023

- hồ nước Chí Minh: Helios Bldg, quang quẻ Trung Software City, tan Chanh Hiep Ward, District 12, Ho bỏ ra Minh City, Vietnam

•Knowledge of software testing, especially in testing techniques and testing methodologies.

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•Programming skill: C/C++ and (Java /Java
Script / Python / .NET / is plus)

Model : V-Model Knowledge

•Software manual testing và Unit thử nghiệm skills

•Requirement Analysis

•Proficiency in English.

•Good to lớn have skills:

- Language: Japanese

- Automation Test: Selenium / Protractor, Cucumber, etc.


•Self-motivated và eager to lớn learn

•Collaboration và communication

• Accountability and proactive

Premium Health & Accident Insurance (3,000 USD/ year), to lớn be applied for spouse and children or parents of the employee in case of working over 5 years or from Manager level

Annual Health Check-up

Short Term Incentive (STI): based on level và actual business revenue, 13th-month Salary,

Annual Performance đánh giá (End of March)

Allowance: Language Skill (English, Japanese, French), Master Degree, Ph.D. Degree, etc....

Team Building, Training Courses

Working time: Monday khổng lồ Friday (9:00 – 18:00)

Báo cáo tin tuyển chọn dụng: nếu như bạn thấy rằng tin tuyển chọn dụng này không đúng hoặc có dấu hiệu lừa đảo,hãy đề đạt với chúng tôi.

Báo cáo tin tuyển chọn dụng

Nếu các bạn thấy rằng tin tuyển chọn dụng này khôngđúng hoặc gồm một trong số dấu hiệu sau,hãy đề đạt với chúng tôi.


Thông tin thiếu thốn minh bạch


Hứa hứa lương cao bất thường


Yêu ước nộp phí phỏng vấn, tổn phí giữ chỗ,phí đồng phục,...


Yêu cầu nạp tiền điện thoại thông minh hoặc để lệnhmua sản phẩm trên app/website

Giới thiệu

Global Cyber
Soft (GCS) is a leading global IT solutions provider founded in California in July 2000, và has been a company of Hitachi Consulting Corporation since October 2014. With extensive experiences và rich expertise, Global Cyber
Soft poses to be a major IT pioneer và trusted partner in Vietnam.

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Global Cyber
Soft is committed khổng lồ delivering the highest unique for our clients và improving our operations following international standards and best practices. As a result, the company has achieved valuable certificates and awards over the years including:

CMMI màn chơi 5ISO 9001 - chất lượng Management System (QMS)ISO 27001 – Information Security Management System (ISMS)SAP’s Strategic Partner
Top 10 Vietnam ITO Enterprises 2015Top 10 Sao Khue Award, 2012 - 2016Vietnam"s 30 Leading IT Companies 2014, 2016Vietnam Gold Medal và Top 5 ITO company, 2012 - 2016Global Cyber
Soft now employs more than 1100 highly skilled professional engineers, guided from đứng đầu management, all dedicated khổng lồ supplying total solutions and outsourcing services for valued local and global clients.Myriad Group
Myriad Group

“GCS has been providing us with an offshore development team for now 2 years, working on an critical project for one of our key customers in Myriad MSD. While working under pressure, the team has continuously improved the overall chất lượng of the deliverables. GCS proved lớn be able lớn meet our growing requirements over the time, và the team stays dedicated. Definitively a satisfaction.”

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A leading IT solutions, systems integration & outsourcing service provider

Hitachi Vantara, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd., guides our customers from what’s now to lớn what’s next by solving their digital challenges. Working alongside each customer, we apply our unmatched industrial & digital capabilities to their data & applications khổng lồ benefit both business & society. More than 80% of the Fortune 100 trust Hitachi Vantara to help them develop new revenue streams, unlock competitive advantages, lower costs, enhance customer experiences, and deliver social và environmental value.

Hitachi Vantara Vietnam (formerly known as Global Cyber
Soft) is a leading global IT solutions provider founded in California in July 2000. A Hitachi group company since October 2014, it was rebranded as Hitachi Vantara in January 2020. We have many years of experience providing premier IT solutions and systems integration services to lớn customers around the world in the areas of Digital Transformation, product Engineering Services, Enterprise Applications, Embedded Systems, and Managed Services.Come & join us now lớn develop yourself and touch the future success!

Digital Modernization (DM):Digital Experience/Product Engineering/ Application Modernization...Digital Insight (DI): Io
T/ Data Management/ Analyst/ Smart Space..Digital Enterprise (DE): SAP/ ERP/AWS/ Oracle... (Consultancy và Implementations)Embedded System (EMB): Embedded Application/ Firmware..Quality Assurance Services (QAS): Automation /Functional/ system/ integration tests....Managed Services/ Cloud: Application Management / Cloud / Infrastructure Services...
1International working environment2Competitive compensation package & benefits3Interacting with leading-edge technologies