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Scientific Knowledge

Continuously builds knowledge of iopt.edu.vn multi-channel brand strategies & leverages that knowledge with customers in informing on prescribing behaviors
Understands iopt.edu.vn và competitor’s brands features và benefits và applies knowledge effectively in their PFSS & multi-channel detailing approach
Builds a comprehensive disease & pathology knowledge & leverages it with customers to support decision making
Has strong understanding of treatment guidelines và patient profiles and leverages them to build credibility with customers

Business Planning

Uses multiple data sources to analyses and reviews territory performance dynamics (including competitor performance) identifying territory trends và opportunities for iopt.edu.vnBuilds territory insights that capture opportunities và drive decision making, including the selection và prioritization of customer targets and the development of robust territory coverage call plans
Develop, based on customer insights, multi-channel business plans with strategically aligned ASMART objectives, strategies và tactical activities that deliver business objectives
Implements multi-channel business plans, uses KPIs lớn track performance và adjust plans where required

Detailing Skills

Effectively engages with customers through a PFSS detailing approach or multi-channel detailing approach & is proficient in using appropriate multi-channel detailing platforms aligned to customer preferences
Actively prepares for, & executes the PFSS detailing approach uncovering opportunities, making recommendations aligned to lớn patient & customer needs, addressing objections and effectively closing
Regularly measures hotline performance & seeks FLSL feedback to continuously improve
Builds collaborative internal and external relationships that enhance the customer journey, channels customer feedback into the wider organization và proactively delivers efficient

Basic Qualifications:

We are looking for professionals with these required skills to achieve our goals:

Bachelor"s degree1-2 years of sales experience liaising with health care professionals
Experience in the relevant therapeutic area

Preferred Qualifications:

If you have the following characteristics, it would be a plus:

Working experience in a teaching hospital environment
Demonstrated leadership và strong team collaborative skills
Strong working knowledge of interpretation of scientific research studies
Proven ability lớn build & maintain access khổng lồ a network of physicians
Functional knowledge of data analysis techniques
Highly developed verbal and written communication skills

At iopt.edu.vn, we have already delivered unprecedented change over the past four years, improving R&D, becoming a leader in Consumer Healthcare, strengthening our leadership, & transforming our commercial execution. Now, we’re making the most significant changes we’ve made to our business in over trăng tròn years. We’re on track khổng lồ separate & create two new companies in 2022: New iopt.edu.vn with a leading portfolio of vaccines & specialty medicines as well as R&D based on immune system và genetics science; & a new world-leading consumer healthcare company of loved & trusted brands.

With new ambition comes new purpose. For New iopt.edu.vn, this is khổng lồ unite science, talent, và technology to get ahead of disease together – all with the clear ambition of delivering human health impact; stronger and more sustainable shareholder returns; and as a new iopt.edu.vn where outstanding people thrive.

Getting ahead means preventing disease as well as treating it. How we vị all this is through our people and our culture. A culture that isambitious for patients– so we deliver what matters better and faster;accountable for impact– with clear ownership of goals and support to succeed; & where we vì the right thing. So, if you’re ready to lớn improve the lives of billions, join us at this exciting moment in our journey. Join our challenge khổng lồ get Ahead Together.

If you require an accommodation or other assistance to apply for a job at iopt.edu.vn/Vii
V Healthcare, please submit a request to HR via the Service Portal

iopt.edu.vn is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative action Employer. All qualified applicants will receive equal consideration for employment without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, sex, pregnancy, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, age, disability, genetic information, military service, covered/protected veteran status or any other federal, state or local protected class

iopt.edu.vn is a global biopharma company with a special purpose – khổng lồ unite science, technology & talent khổng lồ getahead of disease together – so we can positively impact the health of billions of people and deliver stronger,more sustainable shareholder returns – as anorganisationwhere people can thrive.Getting ahead meanspreventing disease as well as treating it, và we aim lớn impact the health of 2.5 billion people around the world inthe next 10 years.​Our success absolutely depends on our people. While getting ahead of disease together is about our ambition forpatients and shareholders, it’s also about making iopt.edu.vn a place where people can thrive. We want iopt.edu.vn to be aplace where people feel inspired, encouraged & challenged to lớn be the best they can be. A place where they canbe themselves – feeling welcome, valued and included. Where they can keep growing and look after theirwellbeing.So, if you share our ambition, join us at this exciting moment in our journey to get Ahead Together.​

Important notice khổng lồ Employment businesses/ Agencies

iopt.edu.vn does not accept referrals from employment businesses and/or employment agencies in respect of the vacancies posted on this site. All employment businesses/agencies are required to liên hệ iopt.edu.vn"s commercial & general procurement/human resources department lớn obtain prior written authorization before referring any candidates khổng lồ iopt.edu.vn. The obtaining of prior written authorization is a condition precedent to any agreement (verbal or written) between the employment business/ agency và iopt.edu.vn. In the absence of such written authorization being obtained any actions undertaken by the employment business/agency shall be deemed khổng lồ have been performed without the consent or contractual agreement of iopt.edu.vn. iopt.edu.vn shall therefore not be liable for any fees arising from such actions or any fees arising from any referrals by employment businesses/agencies in respect of the vacancies posted on this site.

Address: Cornerstone building, 16 Phan Chu Trinh, Hoan Kiem, Ha Noi

iopt.edu.vn is a global biopharma company with the ambition and purpose to unite science, technology và talent lớn get ahead of disease together.

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We aim to lớn positively impact the health of 2.5 billion people over the next 10 years. Our bold ambitions for patients are reflected in new commitments lớn growth & a step-change in performance.

We prioritise innovation in vaccines and specialty medicines, maximising the increasing opportunities khổng lồ prevent & treat disease. At the heart of this is our R&D focus on the science of the immune system, human genetics & advanced technologies, và our world-leading capabilities in vaccines và medicines development. We will focus on four therapeutic areas: infectious diseases, HIV, oncology, và immunology.


In Vietnam, iopt.edu.vn launched its new legal entity in Vietnam, iopt.edu.vn Pharma Viet nam giới Company Limited, establishing its USD 200 million investment capital in the country, aim to continue operating & growing sustainably và responsibly in Vietnam & become one of the most innovative, best performing, và trusted healthcare companies. Supporting the goals of the Ministry of Health, iopt.edu.vn Vietnam expressed its commitment to lớn continue lớn work together with its healthcare partners in solving health-related challenges & cooperating in delivering for long-term healthcare agenda of the Vietnamese people.

For over nearly three decades, iopt.edu.vn’s representative office in Viet nam giới has contributed towards preventing and treating diseases in the country with its innovative vaccines and medicines. Looking forward khổng lồ a new decade, iopt.edu.vn aims to deliver positive impact on the healthcare unique amongst more than a third of the Vietnamese population in the next three years (by 2025), working lớn get ahead of disease together.

With this new ambition for patient, we look forward continually working with the healthcare partners in the country lớn introducing new innovative vaccine & medicine that Vietnamese people can have faster access to the most innovative with advanced science in the world, establishing a sustainable pharmaceutical supply chain, strengthening the exchange of scientific knowledge, improving continuous medical education, và raising disease awareness among the public.

iopt.edu.vn is also one of the best diverse & inclusive workplaces where we recruit and inspire outstanding Vietnamese talent, support them grow và succeed together.

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