11th -12th Floor, Viettel Tower B, 285 Cach với Thang 8 Street, Ward 12, District 10, Ho bỏ ra Minh City, Viet Nam

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100-499 nhân viên

Ngành nghề

Tự đụng hóa/Ô tô, hàng gia dụng, Điện lạnh/Nhiệt lạnh

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HR Team







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Annual Bonus
Premium Health Care Insurance
14 days full paid leave per year
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Tầng 20, tòa bên E.Town Central, 11 Đoàn Văn Bơ, Phường 13, Quận 4, TP.HCM, Việt Nam
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Founded in 1994 as a sole distributor of the world renowned automobile brands - mitsubishi is one of the first automobile joint-ventures in Vietnam. With sound strategies, we are now proud of being recognized as a prestigious oto assembler & distributor by customers throughout Vietnam.
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Kế toán - Kiểm toán, bank - kinh doanh chứng khoán - Đầu tư
Hồ Chí Minh
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We are now looking for 5 positions as follows (detailed scope of work will be discussed in the interview)A. Sales/ Receivable Accountant (1 person):1. Sales Accounting:2. Controlling of accounts receivable:3. Controlling of VAT/SCT output report:B. Treasury (1 person):1. Banking transactions2. Cashier
C. Budget và Planning (1 person):1. Business Planning:• Production standard cost• Sales và Administration expenses budget• Investment budget• Comprehensive business planning2. Budget control
D. Banking Accountant (1 person)1. Following-up credit facilities2. Checking of payment slips & due liabilities
E. Revenue - Fixed Asset - Material Accountant (1 person)1. Software revenue accounting (vehicles)2. Software fixed asset accounting3. Software sub-material accounting
- Control ISO documents/activities in mitsubishi Motors Vietnam (MMV)- tư vấn others department khổng lồ work according to lớn ISO/Improvement kích hoạt follow up- Build-up MMV working standard- Other standard in MMV follow-up- ISO phân tích và đo lường activities.
1. Recruitment /Employment (70%) Recruitment application procedure checking, prepare, job specification, internal posting, external posting to lớn employment agencies on recruitment web page advertisements... Recruitment fee payment, reporting, analysis Following up Probation period for newcomers Documentary in recruitment, Employment, personnel data input & update2. Channel Network Development (20%) Build network with more University to lớn get Fresh candidate Organize Job Fairs, Factory tour, Internship Program Develop Recruitment Network3. Labor Law Compliance (10%) Ensure compliance with laws in HR policies Monitor và update regulations related lớn HR field support C&B team khổng lồ collect timesheet record for Salary Calculation.
sản phẩm management:- Responsible for managing the mitsubishi Motors Vietnam product range in Vietnam.- Analyze VI/VA/TPVA of all MMV models- Able to lớn plan và execute an sự kiện of sản phẩm launching; Seminar; Exhibition; Presentation, etc.- Work closely with Sales and marketing to set up strategic product plans for the future.- Study và prepare for hàng hóa all-new, minor- change & spec upgrade. Price management:- Monthly collect competitors information about price, new model.- Monitor the price trend in the market and propose the solution in considered of competitors’ movement.- Initiate promotion chiến dịch to push more sales (if needed) và penetrate the market. IN ORDER to lớn ensure sales achievement, get market intelligence.
- Issues of fire protection: Repairing, training, report- All risks insurance including fire fighting- Office supply control- Maintenance/repairing works- car new registration/Periodical oto inspection và similarity implement và follow up - Fixed asset, ISO matter
1. Tax accounting• Preparing monthly declaration for input/output VAT• Preparing Quarterly report for sales invoiced use based on reports from Sections using sales invoice;• Comparing sales in accounting books & tax declaration for any adjustment on tax declaration;• Comparing the expenses incurred with tax regulation for any adjustment on tax declaration;• Preparing declaration for withholding taxes in accordance with the regulations when it incurs;• Preparing monthly reports to lớn Statistic, DPI and/or others of Binh Duong based on Financial Statements of General Accounting2. Tax regulation update• Monitoring và updating the changes in the policies/regulations on VAT, CIT, SCT, Withholding tax & other tax regulation.• Controlling the compliance with tax laws within the Company• Setting up & improving the Company’s policy and regulation on tax aspects of its businesses.3. Budget control• Follow the realization of selling expenses budget lớn find out the caused of the variance in compare with the budget• Ensure the estimation và accrual of selling budget in reality goes in line with the its scheme.• Cooperate with related Department/Section to lớn make sure that the administrative expenses under control• Follow the investment expenditure in reality khổng lồ find out the caused of the variance• Analyse the variance between actual expenses vs BP khổng lồ identify the cause of the variance• Analyse the actual business result with the BP khổng lồ know the efficiency và effectiveness of the actual result